COVID-19 UPDATE: Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Personal Training, and Pilates services are all operating. Telehealth Physical Therapy services are also available.  A face mask or covering is required for building entry. Our office can be reached by call or text at (925) 284-6150.

Our office is currently seeing an influx in patients due to county changes in COVID restrictions, reopening of elective surgeries, increased vaccination availability, and patients feeling comfortable starting therapy. This may result in a delay in our patient care coordinators getting back to you, but we promise to do so as soon as possible.

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Here at Lafayette Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to providing rehabilitation and wellness services to patients throughout the Lafayette area. Our knowledgeable team of physical therapists, massage therapists, and wellness experts are here to help you along your healing journey. See some of our latest tips for recovery and wellness below, and contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Joint Replacements and Recovery

Originally Posted on May 8, 2017 More and more people are deciding to have joint replacements around the world to the point you probably have a family member or close friend who has gone through this surgery whether it was for a knee, hip, shoulder, ankle or even big toe!  Technology is advancing at such […]

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Arthritis and Me

Originally Posted on May 8, 2017 The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that just over 20% of Americans-about 54.4 million people-were diagnosed by physicians as having arthritis between 2013-2015.  The good news is that that number has not increased much since 2002 however the number of Americans reporting that they are limited in their […]

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Fascia: The mystery tissue that holds you together

Originally Posted on February 10, 2017 What is fascia? Fascia is a type of connective tissue found within the body. It is mostly made up of collagen, making it somewhat pliable but also very good at resisting tensile (pulling) forces. The body’s fascial system is continuous throughout the body, connecting your head all the way […]

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Lower Back Problem. Trying to Fix Posture

Have you had your alignment checked lately?

Originally Published on February 6, 2017 Usually when you hear this question, the first thing that comes to mind is when the last time you had your car serviced.  More importantly is when you last took a look at yourself.  For most people, when they think about personal alignment they simply think “posture” – Sitting […]

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Balance needing improvement?

Originally Published on September 2, 2016 Balance: not what it used to be? Have you noticed that your walking or balance is just a little different than it used to be? Gait is the manner in which a person walks and can tell us a lot about certain strengths, weaknesses, balance impairments, flexibility deficits or other dysfunctions […]

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