We get lots of feedback from our clients. Here are just some of our many reviews.

I have been a practicing Chiropractor in the Lamorinda area for almost 16 years and I can say wholeheartedly, the Physical Therapists at Lafayette P.T. are excellent.  Over the years, I have watched this tiny office blossom under the helm of its' original owner, Valerie.  At this point in time, I have worked closely with Lauren, Carrie and Naomi. But all of their therapists are great.  The results from the patients along with the comments I get that come back to me are all universally positive. The words outstanding and excellent are commonly heard. The therapists all care about you as an individual and they want you to improve and learn how to live healthier.  They will work tirelessly for you and make sure you enjoy your experience. Aside from their vast knowledge and resources for all types of therapy and exercise, they are extremely nice people as well. 
-- Kevin M. W., Orinda, CA

My quadricep rupture was pretty severe and required surgery to suture the tendon back to the kneecap.Lafayette Physical Therapy (LPT) is near home and I had heard good things about it.  I found from the first session with Valerie, the program director, that attention to service and care was a top priority.Christy, my physical therapist, is highly trained and professional to handle an injury such as this..  She helped direct my recovery to reduce inflammation, increase my leg's range of motion, regain leg strength, etc.  She knew of my desire to return to normal functions such as walking and stair climbing along with power walking, running,  and tennis.  She directed the program and her energies very effectively as  to achieve this.All the staff from technical to administrative treated me as someone special. I do appreciate this so much.What more can I say. This program gets a "thumbs up" and a "ten". 
-- R P., Lafayette, CA

Lafayette Physical Therapy is great in every way.  The front desk is organized and polite.  The therapists are all knowledgeable and helpful.  The assistants are upbeat and caring, also great at what they do.  I wish I had known about Lafayette PT months ago, when I was wasting time at one of their Walnut Creek competitors. 
-- A K., Lafayette, CA

I highly recommend Lafayette Physical Therapy.  My therapist, Christy, was excellent and tried many strategies to help me recover from an ankle sprain.  I saw several physical therapists during my time there and they were all excellent as is the support staff.  I enjoyed going as the staff and atmosphere was warm and fun.  Plus, they really helped me get back to normal functioning after a year of pain. 
-- carrie r., Oakland, CA

If the event you're in need of PT I can say they are great. Unfortunately I have had to visit them much too often because of various injuries. The good news is I leave feeling great and ready to continue playing golf and feeling stronger than before I got hurt. They have continued to upgrade their facilities over the years and have always run a professional office. The best part is the people that work there. They always treat you extremely well and make you feel as good as you can even when you are hurting from your injury. They are truly the best in the East Bay for sure! 
-- Rusty R., Moraga, CA

I met these fine folks through a referral for post-injury therapy, and have been working with them only a short time sofar. I look forward to sessions here; front office staff are courteous and quick, the facilities themselves are top-notch, and all the therapists I've worked with are superb. Everyone I've seen receiving treatment here looks happy and well-cared-for. And my injury is doing much better! 
-- Judy S., Berkeley, CA

I have been going to Lafayette PT twice a week for 2 months, in an effort to recover from the injuries that were inflicted on me by my therapist at Berkeley Physical Therapy.  Unlike BPT, the therapists here work as a team.  My therapist is not always available for the day and/or time I want to make an appointment, but I have seen other therapists there and they are clear on my problem and 
-- Kathryn S., Martinez, CA

I have been a patient at several physical therapy providers and Lafayette Physical Therapy is the most efficient, professional, organized, warm and friendly of them all.The staff is always on time, no mixups with appointments, no hassles with who is paying and constant communication between the doctor and the therapist.I wouldn't go anywhere else for treatment.   They are the best! 
-- Glenda E., Walnut Creek, CA

Miracle workers! Again!I'm just leaving them again for the third time (knee surgery and sciatica twice), and am going to miss them all when I move away!  Lauren, Antonia, RaeLae, Monica, Cassidy, and everyone else are all so awesome! Work hard and play hard seems to be the motto at this office. I love the energy and teamwork everyone brings there.The office is well equipped and has plenty of space when things get busy. It is very convenient to the freeway and parking is good.  The communication is great so that any one of the PTs or the assistants can usually take over when your primary PT is busy, but you usually still see everybody when you're there.   I like how they spend time not only solving my aches, but educating me what's going on, and what I can keep doing to keep myself healthy. What a bonus!Caring, personal, and well-educated describes LPT.Either I'll have to settle for second best, or make the long drive back to these fine women after my next injury. Thanks! You guys rock! 
-- Doug P., Pleasant Hill, CA

I suffered an SI injury and was barely able to hobble around the house.  My doctor referred me to a physical therapy office associated with John Muir, but they didn't have an appointment available for 3 weeks.  I called Lafayette Physical Therapy, and they were able to get me in the next week.  They have a large office with numerous physical therapists, which was life-saving, as a 3 week wait was really not going to work.  I've been very happy with the treatment I have received from Christy, who was able to diagnose my injury as a tipped pelvis, work with me to get it back into position, and give me exercises to strengthen my core and pelvic area to prevent a relapse.  Less than a month later, I'm walking as if the injury never happened.  Highly recommended, with easy parking. 
-- Jessica R., Walnut Creek, CA

I've been really happy with the therapy I've received at Lafayette Physical Therapy.  Maayan, my PT, has been really great!  She is friendly, knowledgable, flexible and helpful.  The office is clean, professional and well-run. 
-- Jill H., Orinda, CA

Lisa is the best. She is very thorough and patient. She has treated me through a few  issues & the results have been very satisfing. Like Lisa, the staff is friendly and courteous and also very knowledgeable. 
-- Patti E., Walnut Creek, CA