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Working on the Legs

Lafayette Physical Therapy strives to provide extraordinary physical therapy in a professional, caring, results-oriented and cost-effective way to restore, enhance and preserve function, movement, and health. We will help each patient achieve his or her highest functional level by being dedicated to excellence in our clinical practice. We will treat patients with dignity and respect by truly listening to them to help them meet their goals. Finally, we will provide these services in an environment that fosters the professional and personal grown of each LPT employee.


Our History & Philosophy

Lafayette Physical Therapy has served the greater community for over 40 years. We are locally owned and operated with an unyielding dedication to serving our community. Our family-oriented care is seen within the rapport among our patients and staff who maintain a professional yet relaxed and enjoyable environment.

We are dedicated to the highest quality physical therapy and rehabilitation services. Our team of physical therapists have advanced degrees and extensive experience to provide the best care and services to you. We also contract with exceptional wellness providers who are certified Massage Therapy providers, certified CranioSacral Therapists and certified instructors. Their knowledge and enthusiasm push for progress within individual and small group settings. We also host cutting-edge technology and equipment to further rehabilitation, conditioning and strengthening independently or with a trained instructor.

Our allegiance to rehabilitation and wellness within our community is notable within our clinical, professional, and social endeavors.

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