We pride ourselves in offering each patient personalized care that is as unique as they are. Our highly experienced staff strive to provide comprehensive care in a comfortable, welcoming environment that is conducive to healing. See some testimonials from past and current patients below, and call today to schedule your appointment. No referrals are necessary, and our front desk will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Came in with lower back/leg pain, could barely walk and stand. Thanks to the staff, I’m now painless and can enjoy my regular activities. I’ve learned exercises to prevent me from re-injuring myself.

- Wilfredo M.

Working with Diane to overcome my knee problem was really great! She is quite knowledgeable and professional but very easy to work with. Diane really responsive to my needs and she paid attention to my conditions/progress, answered all my questions. She really helped me doing exercises correctly to speed up my recovery.

I would recommend her to any patients who need help with physical therapy.

- Viet H.

The power of 250 horses slammed into my driver’s side car and landed me here. Hurt and immobilized, I received excellent care and guidance to healing and reclaiming my movements and to again safely operate my vehicle—so indispensable to our California lifestyle and full functioning!

Great personal instruction with a written guide and pictures aided greatly and clearly guided me.

Empathy, sympathy, knowledge, experience and intuition came to me from this friendly staff.

Made being in pain as pleasant as possible. I’ve healed as much as is possible (not quite where I was before but as close as can be now). Thank you so much!

- Victoria O.

My right shoulder become more movement-restricted as years passed, leaving dressing, gardening, reaching, carrying, house-cleaning, and other tasks harder to finish. The tasks became more slowly finished each year. The physical therapy treatments have increased the movement of my right arm enough to aid me quite a bit in my daily work, not back to my speed in youth, but better than six months ago. I will continue my stretching and strengthening exercises to improve more, feel better, and do the things I enjoy. It is surprising the difference physical therapy makes in even short “doses.” I’ll keep on, expecting to feel even better after “long doses.”

- Anna L.

When I began, I was experiencing almost constant pain in my neck, left side.

I especially had trouble driving. It was difficult and painful if I needed to turn my head to the left if I wanted to check traffic to change lanes or make a left turn. Julie performed wonderful manipulation of my tight areas and gave me good exercises to perform at home between appointments.

As of now, I am much improved. I can check over my left shoulder when necessary while driving without pain! And I am able to do much more without pain than when I began.


Also, I am very impressed with how support staff learns and uses every patients’ name regularly!

- Barbara V.

I began PT in considerable pain and limitation of motion and strength of my right shoulder. I am dramatically stronger and function of the shoulder is nearly normal. I understand what I need to do to continue to improve and protect my shoulder in the future. My experience with PT at Lafayette PT is a total success.

- Barry H.

I started PT in July for a frozen shoulder. Brianna worked with me and brought back movement to my shoulder in a timely manner. After 5 months, I can now do almost everything I could do before. The exercises she prescribed were very helpful and the work she did on the shoulder were also great.

- Betty V.

From the very beginning I was treated by everyone in a polite, friendly, and professional manner. Valerie explained my situation thoroughly and always clarified when I had questions. Each exercise was explained as to why I was doing it and how to do it. She was cheerful and encouraging. I have improved considerably and have confidence that I can maintain my improvement going forward.

Thank you, Valerie and Lafayette Physical Therapy!

- Carole S.

I had a very sore (and painful) left shoulder and its treatment process was explained very thoroughly by Naomi. She is very caring, listened to my concerns and was very thorough and professional in applying the treatment procedures. Assisting staff were very helpful. Thank you, Naomi!

- Carolyn M.

I started with Tim about 5 months ago with tinging and pain in my upper left quadrant of my back and my neck. He patiently and professionally instructed me in exercises and stretches that gradually helped my symptoms fade. He is very knowledgeable about how the whole body works in unison and was able to instruct me on stretches so that I could understand why I was doing them. I always felt well cared for by Tim.

- Terry N.

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