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Our goal is to help our community restore movement, improve function, wellbeing, and overall health.

Lafayette Physical Therapy, Inc. proudly offers exceptional services in the fields of physical therapy, massage and relaxation, and wellness services. We ensure that we treat all patients and clients with the utmost courtesy, compassion and respect. We pride ourselves in being committed to our practices, keeping abreast with up-to-date research, training and technology to ensure that you receive the best care and support.

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Physical Therapy

Our highly trained physical therapists are experienced in helping patients rehabilitate and restore movement after injury or surgery, as well as maintaining health for those suffering from chronic pain or other chronic illnesses.
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Our wellness services include a variety of fitness classes, personal training sessions, and many more. Our friendly instructors are dedicated to giving you the tools to continue improving your wellness and offer both group and individual classes.
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We believe that massage and relaxation are integral to physical recovery and overall wellbeing. Our certified massage specialists are here to help relieve headaches and other pain to help you feel relief and relaxation on your path to wellness.
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AlterG® is an innovative new technique for physical rehabilitation and wellness. This cutting-edge technology utilizes anti-gravity techniques to help reduce the impact on your joints and muscles while you work to improve mobility and strength.
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Lafayette Physical Therapy 925-284-6150

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We are currently open for in-person and telehealth Physical Therapy sessions. Massage and wellness sessions are likely to resume in June. A face mask or covering is required for building entry. To schedule in-person or telehealth sessions please call or text our office number (925) 284-6150 with any questions.
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