Success Story: Nicole’s Sciatica

Nicole’s Sciatica

Originally posted on January 19, 2018

“This is the second time I have come to Lafayette Physical Therapy and therapist Abel Romero. This first time was after a complete knee replacement; after therapy, I have had no discomfort in my knee. This time I came for severe sciatica pain in my right leg. With Abel’s very kind and professional help, I have only a little pain once in a while. The doctor thought I should also consult a back surgeon; but my visit to her after having therapy for about a month, she saw no reason for me to see a surgeon. I felt fine and continuing with my everyday life was no problem. Abel is such a great therapist, very helpful, kind, understanding and a truly nice guy! All the staff and front desk people were very professional; I will always recommend Lafayette Physical Therapy to anyone who needs physical therapy!”

-Nicole Amos


Thank you for the kind words!

-Lafayette Physical Therapy, Inc.

Nicole Amos

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